About PLLENRO Inc.

The Philippine League of Local Environment and Natural Resources Officers, Inc., is an organization of local environment and natural resources officers nationwide. It is a non-profit organization, organized in 2009 and registered in the Security and Exchange Commission in 2010.

PLLENRO, Inc. was founded to help strengthen the environment advocacy and facilitate capacity building and development of all local ENROs to address complex environmental laws and concerns.



A group of empowered ENROs, sharing good practices and mentoring co-members, institutionalizing local ENROs and building alliance with other stakeholders.


An organization of empowered ENROs providing opportunity for future generations through responsible stewardship of Mother Earth.


Executive Committee

President :
Mr. Oliver C. Gonzales

Vice President for North Luzon :
Dr. Rommel Z. Enriquez

Vice President for South Luzon :
Engr. Maribeth L. Fruto

Vice President for Visayas :
Engr. Florentino B. Caceres Jr.

Vice President for Mindanao :
Ms. Ludivina Cornella

Secretary :
Ms. Erlinda C. Creencia

Treasurer :
Ms. Raquel A. Naciongayo

Auditor :
Mr. Alex Sibbaluca

P.R.O :
Mr. Dante Santiago


Regional Environment Ambassadors

Ms. Glory B. Centillo

Mr. Cris Albolote

Ms. Raquel A. Naciongayo

Region I :
Ms. Clarissa Cabacang

Region II :
For. Alex M. Sibbaluca

Region III :
Dr. Rommel Z. Enriquez

Region IVA :
Mr. Oliver C. Gonzales

Region IVB :

Region V :
Engr. Maribeth L. Fruto

Region VI :
Engr. Florentino B. Caceres Jr.

Region VII :
Mr. Jayson Lozano

Region VIII :
Mr. Edgardo Guya

Region IX :
Mr. Rocelo Navarro

Region X :
Mr. Celestino Agustin

Region XI :
Engr. Elisa P. Madrazo

Region XII :
Mr. Julian Asion Jr.

Region XIII :
Ms. Ludivina Cornella