Covid-19 Response

The pandemic caused by the Covid – 19 virus poses a great threat to the entire world. While economies are slowly restarting as the quarantine restrictions gradually ease, most employees and government offices have allowed work from home arrangements to better protect employees from the risk of infection. 

As majority of our members are local environment and natural resources officers spread across the country, employed by their respective local government units, they are continually at work, addressing the needs within their jurisdiction. Local government units have implemented a work from home arrangement and a scheduling rotation with their employees to minimize the risk of infection. 

Nevertheless, we continue to operate and attend to our obligations as a non-government organization. PLLENRO, Inc. continues to address inquiries and lend our expertise as resource organization in different environment – related webinars hosted by other organizations. We remain committed to our mission of a sustainable and green environment. For any inquiries or concerns, you may email us at [email protected] . We thank you for your continued support over our shared cause of environment protection and conservation, and for your patience in these trying times. We wish to see you all soon and work with you as soon as the pandemic is over. Let’s all stay safe and healthy!